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Boston Special Event Photographers

Boston Special Event Photographers

5 Valuable Tips For A Professional Photographers In Massachusetts And His Actors

The first impression, they say, last long. The first impression people have about you will go a long way to determine what they think about you; if they will like you or not, if they will hire you or not etc. As an actor, your first impression is an 8×10 photo of your face called a headshot. Your headshot will get to places before you get there and will determine if the casting director will give you a call or shove your photo aside. The casting director sees hundreds of headshots every day, your headshot should project professionalism, if anyone will take you seriously.

So how do you to get the perfect headshot that can get you access to high places? And what are the things Boston special event photographers should look out for to get high-quality headshots? Below are tips for both a Boston special event photographers and his actors.

1) Spend the money:

When taking a headshot that you hope will get you noticed, don't undermine yourself by going to some guy across the street who has a nice camera and takes occasional photos. Go to a professional, who is trained and has experience in taking headshots. It would cost you as much as $400-$1200 but go for it. Remember, those shots can open doors for you that would earn you more than a hundred times that figure. A cheap unprofessional headshot passes a message that you probably are not serious about your career. Don't pass the wrong idea, go pro.

2) Don't fake it:

Don't fake it, your headshot should show exactly who you are, not what you want to be or what you think will be accepted. It wouldn't make any sense if your headshot shows you looking like a 20-year-old and then you are invited and you look 45. You were invited because of your headshot. The casting director wanted someone exactly like that, not necessarily someone dashingly beautiful or outrageously handsome. Movie roles are not meant for only the best of us, there could be a role for someone not so perfect. So cut down on the glamorous facade. Let your headshot show you as you are now, with all your imperfections.

3) Let your eyes tell a story:

Rather than spend so much attention making your face look younger or more attractive, use that energy to tell a story with your eyes. There should always be something going on behind those eyes. Your eyes should be alive and not boring and glazed.

4) Framing, lighting, and background are essential:

This falls more under the jurisdiction of headshot photographers in Massachusetts but it is equally important that actors note it. Framing, lighting, and background are essential for headshots. What is required for a good headshot is a chest up photo, not an extreme closeup. The background should be blurred and focus should be on the center of the actor's eyes. No one is interested in where the photo was taken, the object of the shot is their interest.

5) Clothing:

Many people assume that to get noticed via their headshot they have to do something drastic. That's just wrong. Keep it simple. Your clothing should be one that matches your eyes and fits you properly. You shouldn't wear anything that will steal the attention off your face, and props are not needed, not at all.


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