Wedding Catering Pasadena

Wedding Catering Pasadena

A wedding is one of the most significant events in life, and therefore every effort is made to make it an unforgettable occasion for both spouses and guests. In addition to invitations, venue, and music, one of the most influential factors in the success of this celebration is catering. It is essential to take into account specific fundamental aspects so that you select a spectacular menu that makes your big day a unique and unforgettable moment.

What Kind of Wedding Do You Plan to Celebrate?

The first thing you should consider is the type of reception you want to have. The catering of a traditional wedding is quite different from other styles such as country, rustic or modern. Besides, the time of the reception also influences, since the dishes of lunch do not necessarily fit in a wedding dinner.

Also, you need to consider your particular tastes and preferences. It is also important that you think about your guests; you may need to provide kosher, vegan or children's options.

Which Is The Ideal Catering Format for Your Wedding Type?

According to the style of celebration you choose, you must select the type of meal and a variety of dishes. These are the three main celebrations formats to choose from:

  • Banquet: is the most formal type of meal, in which all guests sit down to receive their food. Generally, a variety of two or three appetizers and a couple of entries will do it. This modality allows full attention to the time of the toasts and the words of honor for the spouses.
  • Buffet: in this type of catering, several tables are placed with all the dishes offered. In this way, each guest will be able to select what they wish to eat, within the different sweet and salty options. If you want to give it a more formal tone, you can ask your catering provider that each table has waiters to assist the guests in serving or bringing the dishes to their tables.
  • Cocktail: this type of catering is ideal when you are planning a standing celebration. For a cocktail reception, different tables are set up with mostly snack dishes. The idea is that the food fits in one hand so that the guest holds the drink with the other. In this way, people can walk around the room and interact happily while the wedding lasts.

How to Select a Wedding Catering Company?

Once your ideas are clear, it is time to choose an exceptional supplier to ensure the success of the celebration. The best wedding catering services in Pasadena such as Altadena Town & Country Club will not only offer you a varied menu and an exquisite meal. Besides, you will be able to count on a large number of value-added services such as waiter services, location, linens, furniture and everything necessary for a perfect wedding. This way you will have a one-stop solution, and you will be able to enjoy a magical and incomparable moment worry-less.

Do You Want to Have an Exceptional Wedding Catering in Pasadena?

If you want an outstanding experience for your special day, Altadena Town & Country Club is your ideal choice. Let our group of culinary experts make your celebration a spectacular moment. We have the best facilities, the most qualified staff, and the most delicious dishes for you to celebrate a unique, magical and unforgettable wedding. Contact us.

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