Turn Your Wedding into a Scenic Getaway

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Questions to Ask Before Securing Your Wedding Venue
February 23, 2019

Turn Your Wedding into a Scenic Getaway

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It is your big day, so why not make it special? In fact, you can make it feel like a scenic getaway if you choose the right location for your wedding — it will be a wedding that everyone will remember. Here is how everything you need to know to turn your wedding into a scenic getaway.

What does it mean to turn a wedding into a scenic getaway?

A scenic getaway is an escape from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life — whether you live in a big city or small town — to a place where your senses can relax and be inspired. It is a getaway that allows you to find peace and celebrate life. It is something we should all experience and what better time to do so, if even for an afternoon, than your wedding?

A wedding, after all, is the celebration of two people who will now be symbolically (and legally) united as one. It is a moment of great joy but also a moment to reflect on the past and the future while living in the moment. By turning your wedding into a scenic getaway, you get to reap the benefits of the peace and inspiration scenery can have upon a person while also celebrating life with other people. It turns any wedding into an experience to be remembered, and remembered it will be as photographs and memory alike capture for all time the beauty of the surrounding environment and the beauty of the wedding, together, also as one.

What are some Wedding Venue Ideas?

When thinking of a venue, you want to think of beauty as much as efficiency and convenience. A venue that captures the beauty of the surrounding environment and is inclusive of all services, like ceremonial grounds, reception areas, catering, etc. Some classic wedding venue ideas that engage scenery include:

  • parks
  • golf
  • historical buildings
  • beaches
  • desert
  • lake areas
  • mountains.

However, to put forth one of these venue ideas, you will need to find a wedding venue that incorporates the idea with the ability to provide an all-inclusive, stress-free wedding.

How to find a Wedding Venue that is right for you?

Choosing a wedding venue is undoubtedly one of the most stressful decisions a person can make. It is intended to be once in a lifetime experience, so you want to get it right, and that means getting it right for you. Thus, the beginning of your search for the right wedding venue begins with you:

  • What are your interests? Do you like architecture? Do you like surfboarding? Do you like golfing? Do you like hikes in the mountains or by lakes? Defining what interests you can be a key to identifying a wedding venue. Start brainstorming ideas.
  • Are any of the above interests you identified anything you and your partner enjoy together? Do you take hikes in the mountains together? Do you golf together? Do you tour historical buildings together? Narrow your selection from the ideas you brainstormed.
  • Now, determine what is feasible. Consider things like a budget, arrangements for guests to arrive there, the ability to have a reception, catering, and who will oversee everything that needs to be done.

How stressful or relaxing is it starting to feel? A scenic getaway is meant to inspire peace and joy, not stress. If it seems stressful, then you should consider a wedding planner. Again, it is your day, and you should not bear the stress of it while everyone else enjoys it.

What are the benefits of a wedding planner?

Apart from relieving you of the stress of wedding planning, a wedding planner offers many benefits that all work towards making sure your day is that day to remember. Here are 5 top benefits of a wedding planner:

  1. A wedding planner saves you time. A wedding planner does what his or her title suggests: plans your wedding so you do not have to, they takes care of all the details, from small to big.
  2. A wedding planner provides important advice. She/he listens to what you want and then builds onto that to customize your wedding just for you. From your wants and desires, the wedding planner will provide ideas and insights as well as opinions to help you determine the right venue, among other things.
  3. A wedding planner offers resources. She/he comes to you with an array of the best venues and vendors in the area and beyond. You do not have to worry about coming up with location ideas or all the whats, wheres, whens, and hows.
  4. A wedding planner saves you money. She/he is your negotiator. Once you have a plan established, the wedding planner can negotiate the best rates or contact for you.
  5. A wedding planner acts as a manager just as much as a planner. She/he is the point-of-contact for all things related to your wedding. They oversee appointments, deadlines, decor, wedding favors, and — among many other tings — creates a timeline for your wedding day.

As you can see, a wedding planner provides invaluable benefits. If you are getting married in the near future, consider a wedding planner today.

What are some Weddings Do’s and Don’ts?

There are many do’s and don’ts of a wedding, but here are the top five of each you should keep in mind.

Your Wedding Do’s

  1. Remember that this is your day, no one else’s — so you need to accommodate yourself (and your partner) first and foremost.
  2. Take the time to make sure what you want for your wedding.
  3. Create a wedding guest list that is right for you — not everyone else.
  4. Find an experienced wedding planner. (This alone can take care of everything else.)
  5. Enjoy your wedding, especially if you have turned it into a scenic getaway.

Your Wedding Don’ts

  1. Do not wait last minute to plan a wedding — your venue may no longer be available; your guests may not be able to attend among many other things.
  2. Do not pick a venue or do anything else just because everyone else tells you to pick it. (Remember: it is your day.)
  3. Do not forget about a wedding registry.
  4. Do not skimp on your day to remember.
  5. Do not stress all the work; leave the stress to a wedding planner.

Find Your Scenic Getaway for Your Wedding Today

Every wedding is special, so make it that by turning it into a scenic getaway. At Altadena County Club, that is what we intend to do. We have the benefit of the San Gabriel Mountains as well as luxuriously rich green grass and gardens combined with the beauty of our historic building and grounds. We provide a number of venues and all-inclusive services so that you can enjoy your day and not worry about a thing. Your guests, too, will enjoy the day — it will have them talking for years to come. If you want to inquire into what we can offer you on your wedding day, contact us today

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