Make it Your Own: 17 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas to Consider

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March 25, 2019
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Make it Your Own: 17 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas to Consider

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You have said your vows to each other, exchanged your rings and swapped a kiss as husband and wife. Now what? An amazing party, of course! Your wedding reception is an opportunity for you to meet and mingle with your guests, accept their good wishes and celebrate the happy occasion. However, coming up with great ideas for your reception can sometimes be challenging. Here are some wonderful ideas to help you get started, whether they are traditional or unique to your own happy day.

Make it Your Own: Unique Wedding Reception Ideas to Consider

  1. For a special memento that will bring back wonderful memories for years to come, consider having a customized cake topper created that resembles the two of you by a local artist whose style you particularly like.
  2. Whether you want to show your personal style beyond the traditional or simply want a change to be more comfortable, consider quickly changing into a different outfit for your reception.
  3. Want your guests to have some artistic expression at your wedding? Consider hiring a caricature artist or setting up a photo booth in one corner to provide a great opportunity to create some fun memories.
  4. Don’t like cake? With the number of people on special diets today, someone’s not going to be able to eat it anyway. Why not opt for something with flavors you prefer, such as pies, cheesecakes or similar options?
  5. Worried about embarrassing speeches from family members and friends? Consider setting up a video booth where all guests can take a little time to record a special message for you instead of making everyone wait through long speeches.
  6. Get some great candid shots by setting up disposable cameras at every table. This allows every guest to be a photographer at the wedding. An alternative? Set up an email, Instagram, or common website for guests to post pictures from their own devices.
  7. Do you have a favored cuisine or is there a specific type of food that is special to you, perhaps from your first date or another special event? Don’t be afraid to reflect that in your catering choices. Make sure to have more popular options available for more selective guests.
  8. Add a touch of whimsy to your event using sheer fabrics like tulle, fairy lights at the edges of your event site or unique floral combinations that reflect your style and preferences.
  9. Not into alcohol or don’t like the idea of guests having a few too many before heading home? Consider adding a coffee and tea bar to provide plenty of options without the impairment.
  10. If you’re not into the idea of having birdseed tossed at you, consider other options, such as flower petals, bubbles, ribbon wands, biodegradable paper confetti or other environmentally-friendly options that help you celebrate your day.
  11. Don’t forget the kids! Bored children tend to act out more, so if you’re including little ones at your reception, make sure that you have a few options they can enjoy. This can include children’s tables where it’s only little people involved, coloring pages or other options.
  12. Go natural with your centerpieces. If floral seems too out of step with your style, consider simply adding evergreen boughs with tea lights or string lights for a simple but elegant solution.
  13. If you’re an active DIYer, there is no reason your wedding can’t reflect that. The personal touches for your favors, centerpieces, and decorations will help bring your personal touch to the event in a completely unique fashion.
  14. Personalize, personalize, personalize. Compared to 20 years ago, there are more options than ever for having your image or other personalization on favors, decor or other aspects of your reception hall.
  15. Take time to add special touches that reflect your interests. In the end, these smaller aspects of your decor will end up being what makes your reception stand out from every other reception you’ve attended.
  16. Set up a photo board or display that reflects your unique relationship. This can be fun candid shots that you’ve taken or you can choose to hire a photographer for professional shots.
  17. Consider a scavenger hunt to provide a bit of fun. This can include items such as the bride and groom dancing, specific pieces of decor or items carried by other guests to help break the ice.

By considering a few of these ideas, you can quickly plan the perfect reception that reflects your personal styles. If you need help determining exactly what you want for your reception, Altadena Town & Country Club’s experts are ready to help. Our elegant, scenic, romantic setting makes it a beautiful location for your reception. With several wedding packages available, you can host only specific parts of your wedding and reception or the entire event. Take a look at what our club can offer for your special event, then contact us today to discuss dates, rates, and options to make your day truly unique.

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