Wedding Decorations and Ideas that Fit you as a Couple

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February 23, 2019
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Wedding Decorations and Ideas that Fit you as a Couple

Wedding Decorations

2019 is a perfect time to get married, and the Altadena Town & Country Club makes a beautiful venue for weddings. In this blog, we discuss wedding decorations and the inspiration to create a wedding that is unique, beautiful, and you.

Wedding Themes and the Joy of Getting Married

Themes are handy tricks that turn your wedding into a celebration that goes beyond the union of two people and into an occasion that brings an entire group of people together. Some favorite themes for 2019 explore the passions that couples share in their daily life. For example, TV and movie themes help the couple to find a cohesiveness to wedding decorating and design. Popular for many reasons in 2019 are themes such as Harry Potter, Games of Thrones, D&D, Boho / Earthy /Chic, New Age, and many others. The Harry Potter theme already has a lot of similarities with weddings — Lists of people, Seating arrangements, meals, etc. Imagine the fun of figuring out in which house everyone belongs -and who in your family is going to be Slytherin?

Themes do a bit more for wedding planning as they open doorways for easier decisions about wedding decorations. To learn more about all of your options for wedding decorations, locations, and services, just reach out to our team.

Boho Wedding

In contrast to Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, is a Boho wedding. Decorations are earthy, natural, and beautiful. 2019 is an excellent year for boho because the Pantone colors for 2019 are very soft. This makes it easy to decide on colors, flowers, and decor for your wedding. Neutrals are hot, and those softer tones help to create a symbiotic relationship between wedding elements. The color themes for boho begin with wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses – Living Coral is the Pantone color for 2019 and that soft, warm hue is perfect for everything from table linens to dresses.

This is very much another way that themes make it easier to decide on wedding decorations, and Boho is an extensive category of themes that range from hippie, boho, earthy, and shabby chic to rustic and country. As many options as you have within Boho there are central themes. Those include natural, floral, handcrafted, and free of spirit. One significant aspect of Boho is that it relaxes traditional wedding rules because with Boho there are few rules, if any.

Design Option with Boho

Options include macrame, softer color palates, outdoors, vintage lace, candles, country living, environmentally friendly foods, etc. When it comes to a wedding dress, don’t be afraid to add in a bit of macrame. Not only does it fit the Boho style, but it also adds movement. You can also go country chic with denim, boots, and plenty of lace. Think about big floral spreads and garlands full of rustic pastels and plenty of leaves and even centerpieces with crystals, candles, and driftwood. Terms that sum up Boho include vintage, recycled, handcrafted, natural, and earthy.

Wedding themes are nearly endless, and there are so few rules in 2019 so couples can mix and match ideas. Mashups are tricky, and our professional team work’s with you to help ensure a smooth setup for your wedding. Learn more about our venues and services by visiting us online.

Traditional Weddings

In 2019, traditional weddings are as popular as ever and along those lines are some fantastic options for decorations. White is a constant theme in traditional weddings and from that single color stems a flood of possibilities. Those include rose petals, lace and table linens, elegant stemware, and centerpieces in contrasting hues – white and red, white and pink, yellows, blues, greens. With traditional weddings, you can mix themes like a traditional 1940’s wedding or even a wedding with a Boho theme. These options not only remove a lot of stress from the couple planning the wedding but also opens doors for new and innovative decoration options.

Wedding Decorations and Options

Seating — Folding chairs or benches in colors that match your theme or table seating with linens and centerpieces that match your theme. Traditional weddings often sit people by rows divided by family. You can also mix this with seating like what occurs at a dinner event with a speaker or entertainment.

Aisle Decorations– these range from end-caps with flowers to a runway with rose petals on either side, to a single trail of rose petals or other petals strewn down the middle. The goal is to create an environment that uplifts the bride so that the background becomes a supportive framework that showcases her beauty.

Mementos – a beautiful tribute is to offer mementos so that guests have something physical by which to remember this occasion. Chair tags are one way to accomplish this. These are cone-shape printed material with something as simple as silk roses in it. The couple could pen a thank-you-type message or reprint their vows.

Showcasing the Ceremony – Platforms are lovely because they elevate the couple so that everyone can see them. These work well for indoor or outdoor ceremonies and are easy to decorate to match a theme. Fabric in rich tones turns a basic platform into a place fit for royalty. These offer a beautiful impact for minimal cost.

Altadena Town & Country Club as Your Venue

Wedding decorations really begin with the capabilities of the venue. We offer a wide range of spaces that easily accommodate most themes. When it comes to weddings, it is not only decorations that make the day. It is the fact that together we can help you create a beautiful setting that fits your theme.

Ready to learn more about Altadena Town & Country Club Events? Just give us a call and set up an appointment to tour our facilities.

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