Questions to Ask Before Securing Your Wedding Venue

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Questions to Ask Before Securing Your Wedding Venue

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Choosing a wedding destination is only one of the things on the list when planning the big day, but it is a foundational task. You often cannot plan for or take other actions until you decide upon a location; other choices will depend on where your celebration will be held. Choosing the right location requires gathering and considering information. These questions to ask wedding venue providers helps you determine if a location is right for your special day.

What Dates are Available?

It may seem obvious, but when gripped with wedding venue ideas, couples may forget to check that the venue is available for their planned timeline. Before you spend time on other details or fall in love with a place, ask which dates are available. If the location is not available for any dates that work for your wedding, then you can move on to the next option.

What are the Rates and What Impacts Them?

The next question that can make or break a venue consideration is whether it fits in your budget. If possible, obtain rates in writing via a pricing sheet so you can consider all of the options. The venue may provide price differently for various halls or locations, add-on services or even times of the week, day or year. You may be able to consider pricing information to negotiate a package or deal with the venue that works for you.

You will also want to consider optional services and catering and how those impact the total cost of the venue. It is also a good idea to find out whether the prices you are quoted include incidentals including taxes, cleaning fees, service charges, and gratuities so you can plan appropriately for the total cost.
At Altadena Country Club, we offer five venues for a myriad of options and pricing when it comes to your big day. Check out all our spaces, which includes the outdoor Wedding Court or South Lawn and indoor venues such as the Victorian Ballroom with veranda.

How much is the Deposit and What are the Payment arrangements?

Once you understand how much the wedding venue will cost in total, ask about the deposit. How much do you need to pay at the time of signing the contract to hold the venue? Is the money nonrefundable (this is fairly standard) or are there cases under which all or part of your deposit might be refunded?
After the deposit, what type of payment arrangement must be made? Typically, venues require the total up-front price to be paid between the time of signing the contract and the wedding day. Some incidentals and service charges may be billed following the wedding, as they cannot be properly calculated beforehand. In some cases, the venue may estimate the total cost of these charges based on the number of guests you intend to be present.

How Many People Does the Venue Hold?

If you are looking for tips on how to find a wedding venue, asking about capacity is a good tip for narrowing down your choices. If you want to have an intimate ceremony and celebration, you probably will not need a ballroom that holds 200 people. Likewise, if you want a large event, a cozy room for not more than 100 guests will not suffice.
Our venues accommodate between 100 and 250 guests depending on whether you want a theater, ballroom, banquet or cocktail-style setup for your event.

What are your Options When Dealing with Vendors?

Find out whether the venue allows outside vendors and when those vendors can access the space to begin setting up. At Altadena, vendors and families can begin accessing venues up to two hours prior to their event. You want to ensure that you and your vendors have an appropriate amount of time to set up.

What Equipment and Services are Included?

You will need to inform your vendors what they need to bring. For example, if you have a DJ or a band, how much sound system equipment will they need to bring? Will tables or chairs need to be rented, and what type of decor or decor infrastructure is already present?
At Altadena, we provide and set up white wedding chairs for your event. You will also have use of our Bridal Room, one hour of rehearsal time, a mic for the officiant and a catering representative who assists you during the rehearsal and ceremony.

What Menu Options Does the Venue Provide?

Not every venue provides catering options, so this is one of the more important questions to ask wedding venue providers. First, find out if on-site catering is an option or whether you need to plan with a different vendor. If the latter is the case, you may need to work out logistics including buffet or dining tables, linens, plates, silverware, beverages, and food.
Altadena offers catering services, reducing the details you have to worry about when it comes to your wedding. You can also work with your catering representative to customize services so you can bring in your own wine or wedding cake. In some cases, we also allow outside caterers.
You can download our wedding menu from our website.

What is the Schedule for Events?

In addition to finding out when you and your vendors gain access to the venue, ask how late the event can run. It is also a good idea to discover if there are any other limitations on the venue, such as noise restrictions and whether the location is handicap accessible (particularly if you know this may be a factor for some guests).
If you are ready to talk to high-quality, caring wedding venue professionals, contact us at Altadena Country Club today. We are ready to answer your questions and help you book the perfect venue for your wedding.

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